The Best Places To Kickstart Your Tech Career In Chesterfield

If you're a Chesterfield resident and interested in entering this exciting field, we've found the best local and online courses for kickstarting your tech career.
20.03.23 Charles Griffiths
Credit: Destination Chesterfield

Now is the perfect time to enter the tech industry. The global IT market grew by 8.2% between 2022-2023, with growth through to 2027 expected to continue at a compound annual growth rate of 7.9%.

More businesses are incorporating technology into their operations, and more advanced systems and security requirements mean a greater demand for skilled professionals.

Chesterfield is perfectly placed to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the sector. The tech sector in the Midlands is forecast to contribute more than £2.7 billion to the UK economy by 2025.

But where do you start?

Entry-level jobs like help desk technicians will give you some foundational experience and technical knowledge. However, specialised roles will likely require specific skills and knowledge. Taking a course is an excellent way of developing your skills.

We’ve highlighted some of the best tech courses you take in Chesterfield, perfect for if you’re a full-time student or looking for needing flexibility to fit around your job.

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Digital Technologies at Chesterfield College

Chesterfield College offers a huge range of courses for students and adults looking to enter the tech industry.

Whether you’re interested in cyber security, video game development, IT project management, or another tech-related profession, Chesterfield College’s comprehensive selection of courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need. These range from beginner-level to university-grade, with options for whether you have prior experience or are just starting out.

For instance, if you’re interested in video game development, you could take the L3 Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology, a full-time 1-year course that teaches you the core principles of video game mechanics and art. An optional extended year will turn your qualification into an ‘Extended Diploma’, which is the equivalent of 3 A-Levels and provides the entry requirements for university applications.

Chesterfield College offers plenty of options for those looking to pursue a career in tech. Visit their site and find a course that interests you.

Computer Software Development at Chesterfield College (in association with Sheffield Hallam University)

Computer Software Development is a 2-year full-time course that, upon completion, gives you a Foundation Degree in Science (FdSc). There is also the option of a 3-year part-time evening course.

Developed by Chesterfield College in association with Sheffield Hallam University, this course focuses on practical skills that will help you gain employment as a computer professional. There is an option for you to continue your education and receive a full honours degree in computing.

Successful graduation opens the door to the tech industry. The skills you learn can be applied to jobs like web design, game development and IT consultancy, giving you the perfect foundation upon which to build your career.

Applications for September 2023 are currently open.

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Smart Analytics and Data Management by Google

Data analysts and engineers are some of the highest-paid roles in technology. There is also a growing need for these professions as companies increasingly incorporate cloud services and look to more data-driven decision-making.

Google helps aspiring analysts and engineers enter the data world with a range of fundamental training materials. These courses teach you the basics of using data to gain insights into businesses, building data processing systems, and designing solutions that ensure flexibility and scalability while meeting security requirements.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in data, these courses are a good starting point. Some parts are free, but most require payment in ‘credits’ (Google lists 1 credit as usually equivalent to $1).


The software development industry has grown by an average of 5% per year in the UK since 2017. Investment by tech companies is pouring into the Midlands, and there are plenty of jobs going for those looking to design, build and maintain applications, websites and proprietary software.

However, the plethora of languages to learn can prove a tough barrier to entry. Course to learn just one can be expensive, and you’ll still need some hands-on experience to really understand what you’ve learned.

FreeCodeCamp is a nonprofit established to help people develop their coding skills. The site offers a huge range of courses covering everything from simple website design to machine learning to gaming. Each course is practical; for instance, when you learn HTML, you’ll actually build a website, with concepts broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

The best part? It’s all free.

These courses are funded through donations from a community of millions of people around the world. The site will ask for a donation when you sign up, but this isn’t compulsory. If you’re strapped for cash or just want to try a couple of courses, everything is freely available.

The site claims over 40,000 people have graduated and gotten jobs at places like Microsoft, Apple and Google. It’s one of the best free resources available, so sign up and try a course!

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