Webinar: Live Microsoft 365 Hack

Watch AAG's recent webinar that includes a live hack of a Microsoft 365 account.
16.06.23 Charles Griffiths

Key points in the video:

  • Latest Cyber Crime Statistics – 00:25
  • Password Hacking – 03:51
  • Phishing Example – 07:39
  • Password Tips and MFA – 09:40
  • The Hack Goals and Tools – 18:08
  • The Live Hack – 23:08
  • Preventative Measures – 37:26
  • Is it safe to store passwords in browsers? – 42:15

Unmasking the hackers and how they operate with a live hack

In this eye-opening session, we show you a live hack of a Microsoft 365 account, and how easy it is to access an account even with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled.

Alongside this, we discuss preventative measures and useful tools that you can incorporate into your personal and business day-to-day to better protect yourself.

Protecting Your Digital Identity – Phishing attacks continue to be a major concern for individuals and organisations worldwide. While MFA has long been touted as a reliable defense against unauthorised access, recent advancements in phishing techniques have unveiled vulnerabilities that pose significant risks to unsuspecting users.

Webinar Highlights – Our panel of cybersecurity experts explore the simple workings of phishing attacks and demonstrate how attackers can bypass MFA to gain unauthorised access to accounts. With the help of cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT, Evilginx, GoPhish, and SendGrid, they walk you through a simulated attack scenario to illustrate the potential pitfalls of relying solely on MFA.

Key Topics Explored:

  • Understanding the anatomy of phishing attacks and their evolution
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and limitations of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Demonstrating a simulated phishing attack leveraging ChatGPT, Evilginx, GoPhish, and SendGrid
  • Discussing best practices to enhance your security posture against advanced phishing threats
  • Q&A session with the experts to address your specific concerns

Who Should Watch – This webinar recording is highly recommended for individuals concerned about their online security, professionals working in cybersecurity roles, IT administrators, system administrators, and anyone responsible for safeguarding sensitive information within their organisation.

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