Webinar: Outsmart your competition with AI

Watch AAG's recent webinar that includes practical insights on how to outsmart your competition with AI.
21.07.23 Charles Griffiths

Key points in the video:

  • 2:22 – What is AI?
  • 6:55 – What makes AI different?
  • 11:47 – What are the AIs?
  • 14:00 – ChatGPT Example
  • 15:54 – Where might I see AI right now?
  • 18:45 – How AI could benefit your business
  • 34:35 – How AI could hurt your business
  • 40:50 – Is ChatGPT ever wrong?
  • 43:04 – Your Business Approach to AI
  • 44:37 – Key Tips with AI
  • 46:57 – ChatGPT Examples Continued

Unmasking the hackers and how they operate with a live hack

Are you ready to leave your rivals in the dust? In today’s fast-paced world, staying ahead of the competition is more crucial than ever. Embracing cutting-edge technologies is the key to achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage.

This webinar delves deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reveals its potential to transform the way you do business. Whether you’re a startup, small business owner, or industry titan, this webinar is tailored to inspire and equip you with the knowledge you need to thrive in a hyper-competitive landscape.

Key Topics Explored:

  • Understanding AI’s impact on various industries and markets
  • Exploring real-world case studies of AI-powered success stories
  • Leveraging AI for data-driven decision-making and strategic planning
  • Adapting AI to streamline operations and maximize efficiency
  • Identifying untapped opportunities to gain a competitive edge

Who Should Watch – This webinar recording is highly recommended for individuals looking to understand more about AI in the business world, professionals working in roles with IT or technology, business owners and directors and anyone responsible for safeguarding sensitive information within their organisation.

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