GFAQ- What can basic IT training do for your business?

Welcome to the latest edition of Gary’s frequently asked questions. With permission from Gary, we’ve created a series of answers to some of the most common problems in the IT industry that Gary has asked us for help with over the time we’ve been his IT consultant. We’ll take it from here, thanks, Gary.
08.08.18 AAG Digital

“What can basic IT training do for your business?”

The most apparent benefit of basic IT training for your business is less of these phone calls, Gary. Well, we’re only joking. On a serious note, having all of your employees pass basic IT training means that you are going to waste less time and money chasing small issues caused by fundamental IT mistakes such as installing the wrong software, lost or incorrect passwords or minor computer faults such as forgetting to plug a cable in.

With basic IT training comes better security and more efficient workflows. This is especially important when it comes to your business being attacked by malware, ransomware or other hazards that can be avoided with a little bit of training and making your employees aware of good password practices, spam email tactics, secure data transfers and working with the cloud.

Your employees will feel much more confident when they are able to solve basic IT problems without assistance, and this frees up your IT team to work on improving the business and saving you money.

“Where do we get started?”

We can provide you and your employees with all the basic knowledge and basic IT training you need to get started from password security to using Microsoft Office 365. Now, any more issues give us a call and we’ll answer your questions (and many more, we’re sure…) next time.

In the meantime, if you or your IT department are looking for assistance with your IT services, consider giving us a call like Gary and outsourcing to one of our experienced IT consultants. We can even be your IT department if you don’t have one. External or on-site, find out what AAG-IT can do for your IT services today on 0114 352 0688.

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