What Exactly is Microsoft Teams?

Teamwork is how work gets done. In fact, 80% of employee time is spent collaborating with others.
29.08.19 AAG Digital

Teamwork is how work gets done. In fact, 80% of employee time is spent collaborating with others. Today, people who work as teams are more likely to be high performers: working faster, iterating quicker and accomplishing more.

With Microsoft Teams, unleash the power of teamwork and get started off on the right foot with AAG. Our extensive experience with Office 365 including Microsoft Teams will help you build a culture collaboration that empowers your employees while adhering to the growing security and compliance requirements. As your partner we would provide guidance and insights you can use to help your employees make the best use of Microsoft Teams within your business.

Here are just five of the many benefits of this great tool:

Productivity gains and enriched communication
Teams increases productivity by making all your conversations, chats, online meetings, shared files, tasks, etc available in one single app and one single interface. In addition to the widely used apps from Microsoft, you have a wide range of 3rd party apps that integrate into Teams so that your users never have to leave the Teams app to get their work done.

Better focus on your work
With Microsoft Teams, you can easier focus your attention on work-related topics and prioritise your time better. Instead of spending time going through an inbox that contains messages from everyone about everything, Teams compartmentalises information into channels. The channel only contains conversations, meetings and documents related to the topic of that specific channel. So instead of getting side-tracked with random emails, or get stuck trying to clean up your inbox, you can focus your valuable attention and spend your limited time on the channels where you actually do your work.

Increased Transparency
A big challenge for many businesses is keeping everyone in the loop and making everyone feel that they know what is going on. With Teams, this becomes so much easier. No longer do you have to worry about who to put on cc in an email or who to invite to a meeting. With Teams, you post your message in the relevant channel, @-mention the people you want to get notified and leave it for everyone else to read if they want, and by having meetings visible to everyone in the channel you increase transparency by enabling everyone in the channel to “pop in”.

Seamless move to a digital workplace
There are so many business benefits of moving to a digital workplace in the cloud. Since Teams is a fully cloud-based solution, the move to the cloud is seamless. Being able to access information from anywhere on any device is a huge business benefit. In addition, with your workplace in the cloud, you can reap the benefits of big data processing and artificial intelligence to work smarter.

New team members can get up to speed more quickly
In today’s agile workplace where we can easily source talent from anywhere in the world, getting people quickly up to speed is imperative. Since Teams is so direct, you can quickly get new team members up to speed and engaged in the teamwork – No matter where in the world they are located.


The ability to send your colleague a GIF means being unable to think of a correct reply is a thing of the past. Never again will you be stuck on a reply, just search the word or phrase you would like to communicate and find a (work) appropriate response.

With Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • Manage all your conversations, files and tools in one team workspace
  • Tailor your Teams workspace to include data and apps your teams use every day.
  • Have access to security, compliance & manageability features you expect from Office 365.
  • Add flexibility to your business.
  • Help employees build strong relationships and boost morale.

For more Microsoft Teams specific tips, download our free Office 365 guide here. If you have any questions about this, or any other Office 365 application give us a call on 0114 303 0249 or email [email protected].

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