What makes AAG different

Effective strategies are developed with the end goals in mind. Unless you know what that “end” is, how do you start to plan the journey with any precision?
17.12.20 AAG Digital

Effective strategies are developed with the end goals in mind. Unless you know what that “end” is, how do you start to plan the journey with any precision?

We take this approach with each prospective client and regularly with our existing clients. We need to understand our client’s plans and where they want to take their business, in order to give them the best advice possible.

Before we recommend anything, whether it be IT support or solution-based, we will sit down with you to truly understand what you are trying to achieve, what good looks like and how do you see our technology solutions supporting your goals. This is not a technical discussion at this stage, but a deep dive into the priorities, goals, and strategy of your business. Many businesses we meet with have not considered how technology can support their goals or indeed transform their business, however, they do understand that they need managed IT support. They may see technology as a cost rather than an investment. However, technology, if deployed in the right way, can deliver efficiency, productivity, and flexibility as well as a return on investment. It is our passion at AAG to combine technology, business and strategy together, to provide more than outsourced IT support. Our technology solutions effectively unite with the entrepreneurial spirit of the business owner, to drive ambition and success.

We work with each of our clients to support them to realise their goals and more importantly, to understand how we can work collectively to accelerate that journey through the transformational change that technology can bring, providing more value than your day-to-day IT company.

At AAG we have an 8-stage Proven Partnership Process, which is our way of working with our clients. The first 4 stages are undertaken before we even begin to officially work with them as partners. The above defines Stage 1 – The Discovery Stage. We see this as a mandatory step in the way we deliver our service. This is not a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity and is just as important to us as it is for you, our potential client.

Stage 2 – The Evaluate Stage, is where it gets technical but needs no real input from you, the client. This is where one of our high-level solution architects takes a look to see what infrastructure you currently have, how you use it and how effective your systems are. However, we take this a stage further and speak with your team to see how they use the technology, how they work and what is important to them. By doing this additional level of research we can start to form the foundations of an IT Strategy, as well as ensuring that the client is getting the most out of what they have already invested in.

Stage 3 – The Review Stage, is our internal process where we take all the information gathered in Stages 1 & 2 and fully evaluate our findings. This ensures a broad spectrum of expertise, looks at every aspect of how technology can support your business, how we can optimise what you are already working with and how your team can use technology to operate more efficiently and productively.

Stage 4, The Advise Stage, is where we put forward for discussion the recommendations we have formed in phase 3. This stage gives you the chance to question our perspective and it allows us to validate our understanding and ensure it encapsulates your thinking.

All of this is carried out before we take on a client and supports our ethos that if we do not know where your business is now, and what direction you want to take it in, then how are we qualified to give you expert advice?

We then look forward to introducing you, our new client to Stages 5-8 which forms the basis of how we work to consistently deliver a good service and to ensure that we continuously evaluate and evolve the technical strategy aligned to their longer-term vision.

Our job as a technology partner is to ensure that we continue to evaluate a client’s needs effectively to optimise their systems and processes to deliver a return on their investment. If this is what you need, get in touch to book a consultation.