Why it is vital that your IT provider has ISO 27001

Read on to find out why ISO 27001 is an essential accreditation for any reputable IT Supplier.
25.11.19 AAG Digital

What are the requirements for ISO 27001?

There are 14 controls that need to be reviewed and in place to complete the accreditation. Most if not all employees have duties or functions that fall in line with ISO in their everyday practices. The investment of time and effort behind gaining the accreditation is proof to the auditor that a business is willing to go through the vigorous steps in order and also shows to customers how trusting they are.

What are the benefits of having this accreditation?

Our accreditation is a UKAS audited certification which allows us to work with government and other public bodies, as this shows that we have stringent internal practices in place. This level of trust is something that we can offer to any client, as it shows to them that we put the same levels in place as we would for a government body.

What are the requirements for ISO 27001?

It is a sought after accreditation and requires a huge amount of time to complete. ISO is a way of thinking and a way of working. There are 14 controls that need to be reviewed and aligned to how your business operates. The ISO controls are embedded in our employee handbook, working practices, how we handle any 3rd parties and how the business grows. ISO is all about developing and improving.

Fundamentally, there are 2 levels of ISO 27001. The first is that you can work towards the standards and controls. This is not a recognised independent accreditation. It does mean that your business is loosely following ISO and promoting it’s requirements.

The second option is that you go to a UKAS accredited auditor that reviews the policies and procedures that you have in place. This is the one that will allow you to have the recognition that you are working in line with the international standards.

In conclusion, not only does ISO hold so many benefits for our business but it can also hold many more benefits for your business. If you require an ISO accredited, UKAS audited IT provider, give us a call on 0114 303 0249 or email [email protected]. If your business is thinking about acquiring the ISO accreditation, we have a great partner that we can put you in touch with.

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