Why Remote Working Increases Productivity

There are plenty of reasons as to why an office can be distracting, interruptive, and even reduce productivity.
04.11.19 AAG Digital

There are plenty of reasons as to why an office can be distracting, interruptive, and even reduce productivity. Remote working seems like a great answer to fix this as it means your employees will be able to work out of the comfort of their own home.

Remote working can be a benefit to both employee and employer. Here are a few reasons as to why this could be the appropriate option for your business.

  • It can reduce annoying distractions. An open plan office is great for any number of reasons however there are still many issues with this. From phones ringing off the hook to people asking for favours, there can be many annoying distractions that are sure to kill office productivity. 5,000 employees were asked what the biggest office distraction is and the top 5 results all included co-workers. Working from home will not only eliminate these distractions but it’ll leave your co-workers without anyone to distract.
  • It reduces stress. Even if you’re given space and time to complete your assigned work, being confined to an office can still make you feel trapped and stressed. Although stress will impact your work quality, it will also go way beyond that and directly quality of life. Reducing stress should be of the utmost importance for you, your employer and your overall health.
  • It decreases the company overhead. On the outside it might look great to have a huge, new, modern office however they are becoming more and more unnecessary as businesses are looking to cut costs. Remote working would be an obvious choice when a business’ main communication method is email.

Remote working is the way of the future. As the workplace is constantly changing and adapting, there will always be businesses that view working remotely as counter-productive. Remote employees aren’t (or shouldn’t be) the problem, it’s the disengaged and misplaced ones that are. An employee that is in the correct department and happy will complete their work wherever they are based.

Advances in technology paired with a young and driven workforce means that you can get excited at the potential increases in productivity, engagement and quality of life of both your company and your team.

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