Why SharePoint is a great solution for your business

Before learning about why you should fully invest your time and resources into moving your files into SharePoint you should probably understand what exactly SharePoint is and what its uses are.
14.04.20 AAG Digital

Before learning about why you should fully invest your time and resources into moving your files into SharePoint you should probably understand what exactly SharePoint is and what its uses are. SharePoint is Microsoft’s premier collaborative server environment, providing tools for sharing documents and data across various departments within a company’s network. SharePoint lets various departments control their own workgroups, documents, and data on a series of intranet sites.

As with any other website, a SharePoint site — or an individual page within the site — is accessible by way of a URL that the user can access using a standard web browser.

Because SharePoint implementation provides a single source for storing, viewing, and updating documents, many issues such as low disk space and file duplication are eliminated.

External User Access:

With SharePoint Online, users can share sites, folders, and individual documents with anyone who has a Microsoft Account linked to their business e-mail address. You can also generate Guest Links, which allow Read or Edit permissions to be granted without requiring authentication while allowing the Guest Links to be revoked at any time.

Improvements to OneDrive for Business:

OneDrive for Business is a powerful place to create and collaborate files. Essentially this is your “My Documents” folder in the cloud. The new “Sync client” feature lets you sync files from your OneDrive for Business and SharePoint sites, and the new OneDrive app offers a mobile-friendly experience as well.

Stay up to date, always

The online version users are privileged to get earlier updates on new upgrade releases than those who use SharePoint On-Premise. Moreover, some features might not even be available for the on-premise version at all.

Cost Control

Many large businesses want flexible ways to bring collaboration solutions and functions to more of their workforce while reducing the overall cost of the infrastructure. The license-based SharePoint Online helps manage these costs by charging monthly and only for licences you need.

Instant access to the best

Upgrading from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint Online means you get immediate access to an enhanced user interface, better document collaboration and cutting-edge search and mobile access.

For your migration to go smoothly and ultimately be a success you need to prepare correctly. In simple terms, that means knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. For SharePoint 2007, you should consider whether your move to SharePoint Online will be a move to hybrid (a mixture of Cloud Infrastructure and On-premise), or if you’ll be basing your platform fully in the cloud.

SharePoint online migration is a big endeavour which can bring lots of positive changes to the way businesses collaborate. Choose the right way to make the best out of this most crucial step.

Although SharePoint has been around since 2001, it wasn’t until 2007 that business really started to harness the power of online collaboration. Many have said that the SharePoint Server 2016 is the most reliable, scalable, secure and highest-performing SharePoint Server release ever. With more than 250,000 businesses already using SharePoint and new features being added every month, it may be time to ask the question of ‘why isn’t my business using this cutting-edge application?’

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