Why Sheffield is one of the Best Cities to Kickstart Your Tech Career

Discover why Sheffield is one of the best cities to kickstart your tech career. Unleash your potential in a city booming with innovation and opportunity.
10.07.23 Charles Griffiths

Sheffield and South Yorkshire’s tech sector employs more than 21,000 people.

Once the centre of the UK’s steel industry, the ‘Steel City’ is now an attractive location for digital businesses. Government initiatives, private sector investment and partnerships with academic institutions have given rise to a thriving ecosystem of start-ups and established tech firms – in 2022, Sheffield was ranked the best city to set up a business.

We’ve explored what makes Sheffield one of the best cities to kickstart your tech career.

What Makes Sheffield Special?

Sheffield’s tech scene has blossomed in the last decade. Strategic investments in technology, infrastructure and people have transformed the city from a manufacturing hub to a tech powerhouse.

As such, the city offers plenty to both employees and businesses:

Networking Opportunities: Meetups like Sheffield Digital and Dot Net Sheff offer like-minded professionals the chance to mingle, connect and collaborate.

Innovation Hubs: Spaces like the Electric Works and the Sheffield Technology Parks attract top companies and talent, providing well-equipped locations for the city’s tech community to thrive, collaborate, and innovate.

University Links: Sheffield’s universities are crucial in feeding fresh talent into the tech ecosystem. Courses tailored to industry needs, hands-on experience, and strong ties with tech companies provide a nurturing environment for graduates.

For instance, the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is a beacon of tech research and development. Partnerships include Boeing and Rolls-Royce, giving exciting opportunities for prospective employees to work for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Opportunities for Career Progression

Various tech roles: With so many companies and start-ups operating in Sheffield, you’re unlikely to get bored. Whether you’re an aspiring coder, digital designer, data analyst, or IT project manager, there are opportunities for everyone.

Apprenticeships: Apprenticeship schemes in Sheffield are excellent for those stepping into the tech world without a university degree. Companies such as Plusnet and BT provide hands-on training while earning a salary.

Undergraduate degrees: The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University both offer tech-focused degrees, such as:

Graduate opportunities: Many tech businesses have strong ties with the local universities, offering plenty of opportunities for graduates. Transitioning from academia to industry is smooth, with firms offering graduate schemes and entry-level roles.

Top Tech Companies in Sheffield

  • Plusnet: One of the UK’s leading internet service providers, Plusnet excels in customer service and telecommunications technology. It’s an ideal starting point for tech enthusiasts keen on the telecom sector.
  • WANdisco: A significant player in big data and cloud services, WANdisco specialises in active data replication technology. Its commitment to cutting-edge solutions provides a dynamic environment for tech professionals interested in data.
  • The Floow: The Floow specialises in telematics for vehicles. Driven by science, the company is committed to delivering high-quality telematics and making road use as safe as possible.
  • The Curve: This tech consultancy is a force in bespoke digital transformation. From cloud migration to fully managed technical solutions, The Curve excels in turning vision into reality.
  • Isopharm: Isopharm is a leader in the healthcare tech sector, specialising in compliance and validation services. Its systems have helped healthcare providers stay compliant and efficient for over two decades.
  • Razor: Razor is a digital transformation agency that uses data science, technology, strategy, and creative design to help businesses navigate the digital landscape.

Sheffield – An Excellent City for Aspiring Tech Workers

Sheffield has a vibrant tech scene with diverse career opportunities, a supportive community, and some of the UK’s most exciting top-tier tech firms – the ideal launchpad for a rewarding tech career.

Sheffield is a city that fosters skill development, encourages creativity and values teamwork. Working in this forward-thinking city means making lasting connections, gaining fresh perspectives, and being part of an energetic and forward-thinking community.

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