Why your business should consider Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS, as it is sometimes known, is a solution that replaces the need for physical infrastructure.
14.01.21 AAG Digital

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS, as it is sometimes known, is a solution that replaces the need for physical infrastructure. Like other Pay as you Go IT Support services, it is financially flexible. It provides facilities such as storage, servers, firewalls, and security through a pay as you go structure provisioned over the internet.

How can your business benefit from Infrastructure as a Service?

Efficient Cost Control

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is completely scalable. As you grow the facility grows with you but unlike physical hardware it can scale either up or down and match your demand. You only pay for what you use. As businesses move software applications to the cloud the ability to scale down is an efficient way to control costs.

The flexible approach of Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) gives you the option to pay for individual resources separately. You therefore only need to rent a particular service for as long as you need it.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) removes the expense and complexity associated with purchasing and managing a physical environment and the ongoing requirement to budget for future upgrades. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can reduce your budget spend, allowing you to reallocate capital to other projects.

The cost associated with a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan are also minimised. Following a disaster or outage, access to your systems, data and business critical applications are assured reducing stress and allowing you to focus on other areas that need your attention.

Improved Security, Stability and Reliability

In a world where data and system security are under threat Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides you with a more comprehensive level of security. Regular data back-ups are performed to ensure your data is protected and available.

As Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is managed remotely, if your company’s internet were to go down, your infrastructure would continue unaffected; this is the same for any hardware component issues. This combined with the Microsoft Azure commitment to 99.9% availability ensures that your team can work from any location and any concern over system failure and the associated cost of downtime is eradicated.

You could move your team to another location and continue to work as normal.

Where does IaaS come in useful?

IaaS enables you to manage workflow more easily, through disaster recovery, high-performance storage, and added security. It allows you to run fast, secure, and fully managed applications on a large scale, as well as supporting and simplifying web apps at every step of the process. You can also create and maintain a work schedule for your applications, with personalised recommendations to help you manage better.

IaaS can boost work performance, with optimal routing for best efficiency, because IaaS lets you test and develop environments, saving you time and allowing you to solve issues before projects are put in place.

Infrastructure as a Service is one of the many services you can access when we become your technology partner. If you are interested in our infrastructure services, visit our infrastructure as a service page. As your partner, we would explore how to achieve your business goals through strategic thinking, allowing you to focus on your business productivity, in turn increasing efficiency and helping your business grow.

What IaaS platform do we recommend and why?

Here at AAG, we recommend and use Microsoft Azure as our Infrastructure as a Service platform. Microsoft Azure allows us to leverage its worldwide network of data centres which enables us to build, deploy, manage servers and applications anywhere for our clients. Utilising the per hour billing model ensures that our clients are only billed for what they use. As a Microsoft Partner our engineers have access to the latest Microsoft training and direct Microsoft expertise ensuring our clients receive the best possible support.

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